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Why I dont sumbit to audio portal

2008-06-02 19:16:32 by 4chan-city-fan

A lot of people think I stole movies because of not putting them down into the audio portal but I'm not a thief! I was banned from submitting to the audio portal forever!


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2008-06-02 19:20:39

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-06-02 19:26:17

Are you sure you didn't steal ANYTHING? Are you sure you're banned FOREVER? Are you, forget it. If you REALLY think this shouldn't have happened, send a Private Message to WadeFulp. Eventually, I might support you by playing the lawyer's role.

P.S.: I think you made some sorta typo. You wrote "Audio Portal" instead of "Flash Portal".
P.P.S.: I hope you regain your ability to submit Flash movies/games!
P.P.P.S.: I will make sure Megaloop 3.0 passes the Judgment Phase. Although I'd rather Blam submissions, I will be your guardian angel. Trust me.

4chan-city-fan responds:

Dude the audio thing not the flash the audio!


2008-06-02 20:08:48

Emo duck is awesome.


2008-06-02 20:38:25

BTW, Megaloop 3.0 has successfully passed the Judgment Phase. If you think this can't get any better, it has a great score!


2008-06-03 06:50:16

Oh yeah, the friggin' Audio Portal! I was banned too (probably because I used a tool without permission).


2008-06-03 15:55:01

How does this stuff even pass? Everyone is supposed to hate anything 4chan here.