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Starting flash

2008-06-01 00:42:02 by 4chan-city-fan

Im just beggining flash and i'm not that good at it


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2008-06-01 00:43:27

It's ok. It takes a while to become good with flash.
Welcome to newgrounds; if you need help with anything, contact me. (Just not about flash. I don't know anything about it.)

4chan-city-fan responds:

I just find a bunch up random images


2008-06-01 00:55:10

I just saw that flash you submitted. I liked it and gave it a 4.

4chan-city-fan responds:



2008-06-01 01:05:01

dude that was a funny emo flash y cause of 3 things that i already put up on the flash it self. Mickey, that guy that smiles and the badge lol. O and hey Welcome to Newgrounds Problems of the Future Today (old slogan) yeah and check out the flash tutorials here they help.

4chan-city-fan responds:



2008-06-01 02:03:33

This is some serious business.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.

4chan-city-fan responds:

Anonymous does not forgive.


2008-06-02 19:16:48

Yeah, it takes time to get used to a program, especially Flash. I have Game Maker 7 Lite for nearly a month and I STILL don't get how it works. I don't EVEN have Flash, so don't count on me to give you instructions. Anyway, good luck with your Flash!

P.S.: If someone makes crappy reviews about your submissions, you shouldn't listen to them. If I ever review one of your Flash submissions, I will be doing so generously and sincerely.